Top 10 Items to Bring While Camping in Monument Valley

Goulding’s offers several Monument Valley camping sites, complete with picnic tables, grilling areas, and more.  Here are a few items visitors should bring to make their camping trip as smooth as possible:

  1. Sleeping bag:

The monument valley is hot for much of the year.  That being said, at certain times of the year, it does get cooler, and having a solid sleeping bag is a great idea during these times.  

2. Tent:

The temperatures in Monument Valley can range from very hot in the summers, to quite chilly in the winter.  It may be a good idea to bring a tent that fits the season. 

Summer tents offer a lot of ventilation and offer basic protection from the elements while keeping you from overheating.  Winter tents on the other hand have multiple layers of insulation that help keep you warm at night. 

You should understand what the weather will be like during your stay and bring the right tent for the temperature.

3. Sleeping Pad: 

A sleeping Pad is a great way to keep your back in good shape while camping.  Just lay the sleeping pad on the floor of the tent, and then place your sleeping bag on top of the sleeping pad to have a makeshift bed at your disposal!  

4. Cooking Equipment: 

 The campgrounds available near Goulding’s have all the amenities you need to cook up a great meal during your camping experience.  This includes grills and picnic tables, and a nearby grocery store to buy all sorts of food items.  You can make a full home-cooking–style meal from the comfort of your campground, and having the right cooking utensils with you can make this an amazing way to enjoy your stay!

5. A swimsuit:

Believe it or not, going for a swim is a great thing you can do while on a camping trip to Monument Valley!  The swimming pool at the Monument Valley Hotel is a walking distance away from the camping area, making this a fun activity all campers can do! 

6. Your laptop:

There is wifi available at the camping area at Goulding’s!  You can finish out an exciting day of exploring the Monument Valley with a relaxing time browsing the web from your computer, in the comfort of your tent!

7. A telescope: 

 One of the great things about the Monument Valley is how clear and bright the night sky is.  Without the light pollution that comes with living near a large city, the Monument Valley provides an amazing view of a clear, starry, night sky.  Campers have a prime opportunity to stargaze outside their tents.

8. Headlamp or Flashlight: 

There are all sorts of great amenities within a walking distance of the camping area.  However, if visitors are walking at night, they should make sure to have either a headlamp or a flashlight on their person.

9. First Aid Kit: 

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and having a first aid kit with you when you’re camping never hurts.  

10. Water: 

Goulding’s has multiple different places available for campers to get food or drink.  However, it never hurts to have extra water available in case you get thirsty.

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