What to Expect When Camping in Monument Valley

The cheapest way to spend the night in Monument Valley is camping.  Goulding’s offers multiple camping sites within its premises, which are a great, authentic way to enjoy a trip in the Monument Valley.  However, visitors should keep in mind that extra considerations come into mind with camping.

Weather and Temperature

The monument valley is a desert environment.  Temperatures can be a hot, 90+ degrees  during the day and warm, 60+ degree night in the summer.  In the winter, this can drop to a cool 40 degree day and chilly 30 degree night.  Campers should do what they can to prepare for the weather in the area. 

Summer campers should make sure to bring a summer tent, to make sure that their camping experience is as comfortable as possible.  And although deserts seem hot, winter campers should bring a winter tent and sleeping bag to keep cozy at night. 

 The Monument Valley is a very dry environment, but visitors should always be prepared for a rare rainfall or snowfall.  A good way to prepare for a variety of weather conditions is to bring multiple layers of clothes, so that you can add or remove layers to keep up with the weather.


The monument valley is also at a very high altitude – the area is over 5000 feet in elevation.  People visiting from lower altitudes should make sure to not overexert themselves and to drink plenty of water.  These simple steps can help people sure they do not get altitude sickness.


The monument valley also has a small population of wildlife you may see during your stay.  This includes coyotes, lizards, jack rabbits, and the red-tailed hawk.  Spotting one of these animals during your camping trip can be a real treat.  However, visitors should always make sure to respect the wildlife and avoid touching any animals.  


Camping in the Monument Valley is also a great opportunity to do stargazing at night.  The Monument Valley is hundreds of miles away from large, dense, cities. This means there is minimal light pollution in the area.  This makes camping here a great opportunity to gaze into the night sky and see the various stars and planets which are scattered across the sky.  


Even though you will be camping in a desert far from any booming metropolis, you can still expect a great many amenities that will make your stay as comfortable as possible.  There are many food options available within a walking distance of the campground.  This includes the convenience store, the grocery store, and the Stagecoach Restaurant, which is located near the hotel building at Goulding’s. 

There is a fully functional laundromat located on the premises, making it easy to quickly wash any laundry you may have.  There is also a swimming pool nearby, which is open from March to October, and is available for campers to use.  Finally, there is wifi available at the Goulding’s camping sites!  Although camping is a great opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the area, Goulding’s allows provide amenities that allow you to enjoy this experience in comfort.

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